Paperless Factory: here are some ideas

The Paperless Factory is an increasingly widespread trend in the industrial sector thanks to the presence of digital solutions on the market that allow the management of documentation and information exchange without the use of paper.

Very often, in fact, paper is still one of the main means of support for various activities. Here are just a few examples of everyday use:

  • Standardized work instructions, such as equipment for machinery, plants

However, such paper-based processes can be dangerous and inefficient activities. Why?

Here are some issues related to the use of paper supports:

  • Content updating is not guaranteed. That is, the work instructions printed in the workshop or the technical standards are not always replaced when they are updated;

How to become a Paperless Factory?

The digital transformation we are witnessing provides a series of tools that allow you to get rid of paper supports, thus eliminating all the problems mentioned. Here are some solutions for a Paperless Factory:

  • Digital work instructions: these solutions allow the creation and sharing of work instructions through digital media, for example using tablets. Among the main advantages we can mention the following:

Manage complexity through technology scouting and pilot projects

Implementing a Paperless Factory is not easy. In fact, it requires the integration of solutions of a different nature, the management of different protocols to ensure that the collection and exchange of information takes place seamlessly. Furthermore, we have mentioned a series of solutions of a different technological nature, but which technology and which solution is the one that is right for us?

The safest way and the most immediate results is to identify the solution that most aligns with the business requirements by means of a structured technology scouting process, followed by the implementation of pilot projects on small scale, able to verify the expected benefits in a short period of time, while reducing the associated risks.

Where to start?

The implementation of a Paperless Factory requires knowledge of industrial processes and at the same time of digital technologies capable of meeting business requirements.

For more info, contact us to discuss more details.

Stay tuned.



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Nicola Accialini

Nicola Accialini


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