Green factory: 30 concrete ideas

What is a green factory?

In the days we are publishing this post is going on stage the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, scheduled in Glasgow (Scotland) from 31 October to 12 November 2021, under the UK presidency.

The expectation of this conference is that the parties will strive for more ambitious goals than those set by COP21. Under the Paris Agreement, the parties are required to conduct a review of their commitments every five years, a process commonly known as the “upside mechanism”.

However, while waiting for political leaders to do their part, it becomes necessary to undertake a path towards sustainability also in our realities, in our private sphere as well as in companies and factories.

To get more concrete, below you will find a series of 30 ideas for a green factory. We tried to qualitatively divide them into 3 parts:

  • Easy-to-implement ideas, meaning ideas that don’t require any special investment in terms of time, effort, or money

1. Easy to implement ideas for a green factory that don’t require investments

  • 1. When you leave the office, turn off your electronic devices, do not leave them on standby until the next day

2. Ideas that require minimal investment of resources

  • 11. Reduce (or eliminate!) the consumption of meat in company canteens. It has been proven that the meat industry is among those with the greatest environmental impact. However, changing eating habits can be difficult, especially for communities where the consumption of meat is linked to the culinary tradition

3. Ideas that require more investment and resources

  • 21. Encourage the use of renewable energy in the company, for example installing photovoltaic panels or using energy suppliers who adopt sustainable policies

For more info, contact us to discuss more details.

Stay tuned.



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Nicola Accialini

Nicola Accialini


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